Sunday, November 29, 2009


Item Code: A006
Bears With Sunglasses

Height: 18 cm
Price: 1 for $5
2 for $8
Postage: $1.50

Item Code: A007
Bears With Green Shirt

Description: Bears with a loop on top for hanging.

Height: 20cm
Price: 1 for $ 6
A set of 3 for $15
Postage: $1.50 each bear
Combined postage(cheaper) is recommended for set

Other plushies you might be interested...

Item Code: A005
Dog With Gift Box

Description: Perfect ("Dog"--> "Door") Gift for house warming or even a christmas present to yr love ones or friends : D
Length: 20cm
Price: $5
Postage(normal) : $1.50
Quantity: left 2

Descrition: Same as above, just that a different colour. Buy the dog and get the gift box with it. What you waiting for? Go and order now : D
Length: 20cm
Price: $5
Postage (normal): $1.50
Quantity: 1

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas Offers!!!

Item Code: A001
Winnie The Pooh With Piglet

Height: 30cm
Price: $20
Postage (normal) : $2

Item Code: A002
A Pair Of Stitch With Scarf

Height: 15cm
Price: $12
Postage (normal) : $1.50

Item Code: A003
A Pair of Bunnies With Scarf
Height: 17cm
Price: $12
Postage (normal) : $1.50

Item Code: A004
Winnie The Pooh & Tiglet With Scarf
Height: 15cm
Price: $12
Postage (normal) : $1.50